Invisible Men



Well before I exited my mother’s womb, traveling was a part of my DNA. In 1975, my parents fled Uganda to chase the American dream. Their goal was simple. Escape the tyranny of the dictator Idi Amin — and find a better future for their unborn children.

I spent my formative years in/around Chicago. From an early age, summertime trips to Uganda kept me connected to my maternal home. These experiences humbled me — and taught me to be thankful for everything I had.

Later, I swapped my life as a collegiate scholarship-athlete for a once in a lifetime opportunity to study abroad in Dublin, Ireland. Not only did this experience expand my perception of the world, but I also met an Indian princess — who later became my wife.

As two young children entered our lives, we continued to pursue the passion which brought us together. However, despite people of color traveling the world at higher rates than ever before, I noticed one group often missing from the conversation — fathers. Moreover, while I’ve realized that I won’t encounter faces like mine on 95% of my family holidays, I felt that mainstream travel organizations must do better projecting the reality of who travels.

Instead of waiting around for travel publications to change their tune, I decided to take action. Invisible Men shares powerful imagery, videos, and quotes from fathers which challenge the narrative about family travel, fatherhood, and race. We believe that traveling fathers of color play a part in shaping tomorrow's leaders.

We’d love to connect with more fathers from across the U.K., as we prepare for our first live event later in 2019. Join the movement by using the hashtag #FamilyFLY, or email us at for more information.

Invisible Men