Being a father of color who travels often feels invisible. Our stories of adventure and our mere presence are often non-existent. And, while I’ve realized that I won’t encounter faces like mine on 95% of my family holidays, mainstream travel Aorganizations must do better projecting the reality of who travels.


Travelers of color represent a market valued at over $100 billion, according to Mandala research. However, marketing towards these groups is nil. "It's a societal problem," said Sarah Enelow-Snyder, assistant editor at the travel research company Skift. “Predominately White marketing departments aren’t making great efforts to diversify their workforce with new ideas. This perpetuates the same imagery of who is a traveler and who gets targeted.”


Despite attempts around the world to keep people isolated, life is increasingly interconnected. I believe that traveling fathers of color can help shape a better world by helping our children see, live, and learn beyond borders. "It's not easy for fathers of color in the U.S., and things have arguably gotten worse," added Enelow-Snyder. "These initiatives have profound value, and there is more to this than meets the eye."


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