#BlindianProject Content Submissions


Thanks for your interest in submitting to the #BlindianProject. We're excited to kick-off 2020 with a bang and can't wait to read your submissions. But, before we do — here's the information you'll need to get up to speed. 

2020 Themes and Submission Deadlines:

January:    Finding My Feet due by: Jan 31st
February:  How I Introduced My Partner due by: Feb 29th
March:      Building Bridges With The In-Laws due by: Mar 31st
April:         Dealing With The Community Now We’re Official due by: Apr 30th
May:         How I Proposed due by: May 31st
June:        Handling A Multicultural, Interfaith Wedding due by: June 30th


January: Finding My Feet 

You’ve finally taken the plunge and mustered up enough courage to ask your significant other to make it official. Several months down the road, things start to get serious. You know your parents may never accept your significant other. Worse, you know that your parents may hit you with the ultimatum to choose between your significant other, or the family. Thinking of the disappointment your parents may feel is starting to play with your emotions. How do you find your feet and remain sane? This is just one of the scenarios Blindian couples face during our relationships. Both sides struggle with satisfying our own wants/needs while trying to remain mindful of our significant other. But, in reality —it's not that easy. From the feeling of not being good enough to feeling as if we’re letting people down — these are our realities. We want to hear about your experiences, and  how you handled them.


2020 Guidelines and Suggestions for Submission:

Consideration of work depends on the following factors:

  • Timeliness. Always aim to meet the given deadline. We can’t guarantee consideration for late submissions. 
  • Theme. While these topics offer a broad range of direction, submissions must tie back to the theme of the month in some way.
  • Voice. Articles should reflect cohesion with the #BlindianProject’s voice. We welcome all types of content. And, never shy away from publishing content that may contradict one another. Be authentic and tell your story.
  • Variation. Because the themes bring out a lot of common ideas (which is exciting!), we are likely not to publish any two pieces that are too similar in scope or approach. Try to think outside your first idea.
  • Editing. We’ve had to turn down many good posts because of error overload. While we’re happy to offer edits and correct small issues, any final submission should be as close to publishing quality as possible.

We're now accepting submissions for our January topic and would love to hear your perspectives.

Any medium is accepted, including but not limited to: lists, open letters, instructional guides, infographics, essays, personal anecdotes, videos, photo journals, recipes, poetry.


How to submit:

  • Where. Please submit via kampind@gmail.com. You are welcome to share a link to a Google Doc (just be sure to give us access/permission to view!) or paste your text directly into the form. 
  • When. Please submit on or by the given deadline.
  • What. Any medium is accepted, including but not limited to: lists, open letters, instructional guides, essays, personal anecdotes, videos, photo journals, recipes, poetry and syndicated content.
  • Who. Our community wants to know the face and voice behind the post, so please include a 2-3 sentence bio with your submission including any personal links (Facebook, Twitter, portfolio, website, etc.) you'd like to share.

We are not able to offer compensation at this time. Submissions are always open but not a guarantee of publication. Because we receive so many submissions each month, we are only able to select a few (between 3-6) to share each month

Thank you for sharing!