Our Story


     KampInd is a lifestyle brand at the intersection of culture x travel x fashion.


    • Connect cultures. 
    • Inspire wanderlust.
    • Uplift underrepresented voices through unique storytelling.

    Our company name represents the coming together of our Ugandan and Indian backgrounds (Kampala + India = KampInd). We represent a diverse, multicultural society and disrupt dated stereotypes through our products and content.



    Jonah is a multidisciplinary creative with a focus on cultural design and community building. His work amplifies underrepresented voices, and connects communities through online & offline activations. 

    In 2017, Batambuze created "The #BlindianProject,” which redefined relationships amongst Black x Indian couples by curating a gallery of their experiences.

    In April 2019, Batambuze launched "Invisible Men," an online crowdsourced campaign highlighting the traveling adventures of fathers of color and their children. These fathers are creating  a better world by helping multicultural children see, live, and learn beyond borders. 

    Since launching the #BlindianProject and Invisible Men, Batambuze has been featured on BBC World Service, Voyager Magazine, Fatherly, and The Times of India.

    Batambuze's first curated exhibition entitled, The Black Male Is _______ “ opens October 10, 2019, at Not Just Another Store. 

    The Black Male Is ________ is an experiential exhibition and Pop-up comprised of a diverse group of emerging and established artists. The exhibition seeks to expose people to more complex and authentic stories about Black males through various artforms. Batambuze will also unveil his "Duty-Free" concept shop, which includes several items from his travels and his latest culture-infused apparel line.


    Jacqueline Lara (KampInd's U.S. partner) 

    Jacqueline Lara is president of Mpact PR, LLC, which specializes in developing messaging and raising brand awareness for entrepreneurs and artists positively impacting communities. As the creative architect of The ArtFullness Project, Lara explores creative processes and blogs about the intersection of art and business.