Our Story

KampInd is an internationally-published lifestyle brand at the intersection of Culture x Travel x Fashion. We represent a diverse, multicultural society and create content from the stance of everyone being equal. We reject the mainstream and disrupt dated stereotypes through our products and content.

The arrival of our firstborn child in 2015, acted as the impetus for our brand.  And, our appreciation for our Ugandan and Indian heritages is ever present in our first creations — a line of handmade bandanas for children using African wax prints and Indian fabrics.



We represent the underrepresented:

In 2017, we pivoted to publishing and created our first viral campaign, entitled the #BlindianProject. The #BlindianProject is a crowdsourced campaign, which challenges negative narratives surrounding Black and Indian relationships. Couples from around the world joined in and submitted loving images of their journeys.

Our latest campaign entitled, “Invisible Men,” shares the adventures of traveling fathers of color exposing our children to the world. While minority travelers make up a market estimated at over $100 billion, fathers voices are often non-existent. This project shares powerful imagery, videos, and quotes, dismissing falsehoods around Black fatherhood, masculinity and family travel.





Jonah & Swetha Batambuze

Jonah Batambuze is a multimedia storyteller and co-founder of the lifestyle brand, KampInd. He creates content which disrupts the status quo at the intersection of culture x travel x fashion. These stories challenge false narratives about Black fatherhood, race, and culture, and give a voice to those often seen as “invisible” Jonah is inspired by the belief that ALL human beings have the same basic wants and needs.


Jacqueline Lara (KampInd's U.S. partner) 

Jacqueline Lara is president of Mpact PR, LLC, which specializes in developing messaging and raising brand awareness for entrepreneurs and artists positively impacting communities. As the creative architect of The ArtFullness Project, Lara explores creative processes and blogs about the intersection of art and business.