How to Travel Ibiza With a Baby



I grew accustomed to the looks of astonishment I received when telling people about our holiday to Ibiza with our 15-month old. For some reason, people believed it mission impossible to visit, and also enjoy the island with a baby. Ladies and gentleman, we not only did it, but had one of our best family holidays in the process.

Finding suitable accommodations was key. I remember phoning around and asking whether the hotels had baby cots, and realised the better question was asking whether the hotels welcomed families with babies at all.  Although I’d never been to Ibiza, there was no way I wanted to have my family awake all night in party central San Antonio or Playa d’en Bossa.



Luckily, we found an oasis of tranquility called Ibizazen, located in the town of Santa Eulalia des Riu. Ibizazen is a 14-room boutique hotel conveniently located 21.9 km from the airport on the eastern coast of the island. The hosts of this renovated finca were absolutely lovely and every guest had the same idea in mind - escape the stresses of life.


Availability of food is always top of mind when traveling in unfamiliar territory. Breakfast at Ibizazen was complimentary and served daily, and we used the opportunity to stock up.  We were also fortunate of having the child-friendly, bohemian retreat,  La Paloma located nearby, and they welcomed us not once, but twice. Serving fresh, homemade food and situated within the beautiful setting of a citrus orchard, you could tell La Paloma staff truly cared about their business and their customers. Amazing service, amazing staff, and duck to die for.



We hadn’t visited a good beach since our honeymoon, so I made visiting one of Formentera’s beaches a top priority.   In efforts to create a timeless memory, I was referred to and contacted Smart Charter Ibiza for a day’s boat rental. Remember to stock up on sunscreen for the entire family, but especially your little one due to the delicacy of children’s skin.



Our concierge from Ibizazen recommended several restaurants on Formentera, and wanting something a bit more relaxed, we opted for Beso Beach.  Think extensive menu, good ambiance, and sand between your toes. Although Beso Beach was crowded with an ever growing line of unfortunate people without reservations, the staff remained attentive throughout. As we staggered away from our table with full stomachs, the sun setting and the DJ warming up, I thought to myself, ‘I can’t wait to return.’


Hopefully you’ve now seen that it is possible to travel Ibiza, and have a memorable time with a young child. If you’re looking for any other tips on traveling with young children, don’t forget our “Top Four Tips for Travelling Abroad With Children.”

Jonah Batambuze is an artist, connector, and globetrotter. A first-generation Ugandan, born in the U.S., Batambuze currently resides outside London, England with his wife and two young children.  You can find Batambuze blogging, creating content, developing partnerships and managing social media all in the name of KampInd. 



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