2015 Fashion Accessories of The Year

 When it comes to fashion accessories, there was nothing hotter in 2015 than scarves & bandanas. Fashion Week runways around the world certified these accessories, and it wasn’t long before you couldn’t open a fashion publication without reading about one or the other.


There was Kendall Jenner’s infamous bandana, which gave Rihanna’s Met Gala dress a run for its money in length.  Wes Gordon teamed up with Swarovski and created crystal-studded bandanas for his NYFW show. And, for the upmteenth time Manrepeller tried their best to convert us all.
Not sure where to start? Hermes has an excellent interactive digital site that allows you to view their beautiful scarves. The Scarf Gallery is also an excellent resource for learning more about scarves.
The great thing about these accessories is accessibility, as one can decide to pay anything from pocket change to upwards of triple-digits.
Now you've got one, how on earth do you wear it?
 Ladies and gentleman consider yourselves neck connoisseurs.

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