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Changing the Narrative about Black and Indian Relationships through Photography

Wedding day vibes with the #BlindianProject. "We fought through plenty of objections to reach the excitement our wedding day. Watching our loved ones seamlessly mix, with oneanother  made the day extra special," said Jonah Batambuze. (Source - IG: @Kampind) 


Shortly before a family trip to India, a friend forwarded me an AJ plus article about violence and racism against Africans in India. This wasn’t a one-off incident, rather one of many stories exposing India’s dark-skinned complex.


As a father of two children in a Black x Indian marriage, this article forced me to reflect on how trailblazing our “Blindian” unions are, and why today, they’re more important than ever.


Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. - Martin Luther King Jr.


The #BlindianProject crafts a new narrative through a collection of photographs from Blindian couples and families from around the globe experiencing everyday life. We exist. Here are our stories.

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Beautiful family @90slovejones. We exist, and we are here. The #BlindianProject (Source - IG: @90slovejones)



"Does this thing have a combination lock on it?" She is not smiling... she is laughing... Im over here struggling but we didn't practice this part. I never put on a mangalsutra before so having to do so on the wedding day for the first time was a little bit of pressure.  (Source - IG: @_styves)



Beautiful family photo @ieat2bfit @shanika_05 and @pr3dvc0n. We feel the ❤️ Thank you for sharing with The #blindianproject  (Source - IG: @ieat2bfit)



@highimyanick & @jasudsingh are vbloggers who set up their Youtube channel, "Yanick and Jackpreet" to inspire young people in similar relationships. The #BlindianProject (Source - IG: @highimyanick)



As fathers dayapproaches, the #BlindianProject shares a few images of fathers sharing moments with their children. Thank you for sharing @thebracewells (Source - IG: @thebracewells)



@growingupguptas is a lifestyle brand known for breaking down the nuances of multicultural/multiracial parenting.#BlindianProject (Source - IG:@growingupguptas) 



We've enjoyed every minute of @frannnelli preparing for their wedding. And, we wish this beautiful couple nothing but the best. Good luck from the #BlindianProject ! (Source - IG:@frannelli) 



"Its kinda like having plaintains and chicken tikka masala all on one plate." One thing we agreed upon early is that family is important. To say we are blessed is an understatement. We have a blended family from all over the world and every single family event is amazing and nothing but bonding and learning of all cultures(Source - IG:@_styves)



Together we've decided to change the negative stories of blindian (Black x Indian) couples one beautiful image at a time. The #BlindianProjectSource - IG:@roliss5217



Amit & Michelle Patel were recently featured on channel 5 discussing the complexity of planning an intercultural wedding. Check out their Youtube channel #IndiaMeetsGhana.


The #BlindianProject is brought to you by Color Wheel Media. For more information or to share images please email:

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